I don’t know hot to break this to you, but breakups suck.

Sure, sometimes they turn out peaceful, and sometimes the damage is fleeting, but other times, we just absolutely lose our minds when we lose our relationships.

And when that occurs, we can find ourselves turning into petty little monsters, and then turning to the internet to anonymously dish on just how petty we are, because we can hardly believe it ourselves.

That’s just how breakups do.

10. The mixer

Try enjoying a delicious cake NOW, Janice!

Source: Whisper

9. The chicken

Man these folks really want their exes to just go ahead and starve.

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8. The lights

Um. That last part is most definitely illegal.

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7. The bed

And you don’t feel weird about that at all?

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6. The pipe

Some things are just too important.

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5. The flannel

But how will he chop down trees now?!

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4. The tech

I mean that’s like easily $2k worth of stuff.

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3. The medicine

Yo quick question, wtf?

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2. The spark is gone

Literally and metaphorically.

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1. The decor

Oh, you can live without me? Then I guess you can live without COLOR IN YOUR LIFE, JASON.

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So if you’re about to go through a breakup, maybe put your valuables in a safe or something. And also your chicken and your metamucil.

What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done after a breakup? Were there any repercussions? Do you think they noticed?

Tell us in the comments.