The common struggle in dating is how long to wait to get back in touch with someone at the START of a relationship so as “not to look desperate.”

At least that was still sort of a thing when I was a kid and dinosaurs roamed the earth, maybe in the age of all things instant that’s largely out the window.

In any case, one answer we definitely still haven’t come to is when it’s appropriate (if ever) to get back in touch with someone after the END of a relationship.

Because that can go all kinds of ways, as these real submissions can attest.

10. Back in love

Loneliness is a heck of a drug, am I right?

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9. Chase me

Sometimes the desire to be desired overrides all other common sense.

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8. The agony of the feet

Yeah that um…that might not win you the points you think it would.

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7. Two years

Sometimes the more you ruminate, the less accurate your memory becomes.

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6. Putting it all together

You could have at least just asked if she’d come over and help.

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5. Love is a butt

“Jessica this has been happening a lot, is there something wrong with your phone maybe?”

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4. Breaking bad

It’s kinda worse because you don’t even have an intoxicant to blame anything on.

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3. A prior engagement

Apologies can be appreciated without actually changing anything.

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2. Pride aside

Well that is a horrible little prank.

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1. Want you back

As the immortal words of NSYNC will forever attest.

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Remember, if you’re drinking this weekend, keep an eye on that ex number. Maybe just lock the phone away all together.

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