The ways in which we learn to control and be controlled by people in relationships is as complex as it is troubling.

The strangest part is we often don’t realize the dynamics that are forming until they’re already quite strong, and by then it can be a heck of a thing to try to correct or escape.

Here are just a few anonymous contributions from people who’ve realized they have a very controlling boyfriend in their lives.

10. Money troubles

Taking away your ability to purchase is basically removing all agency.

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9. From the inside out

When you’ve got enough people telling you that at once, you should really listen.

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8. The best friend

It can be so hard to see when you’re in there.

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7. The silent treatment

Might just be another mind game.

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6. Big moods

Get out. Just get ooouuuut of there.

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5. Love and hate

All we want in this life is a little bit of stability.

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4. Tracking me down

That’s insecurity on a huge level.

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3. The ultimatum

Sounds like you made the right choice.

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2. Secret love?

That’s gonna be a big hmmmm from me, dawg.

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1. The cling

Remember: you never need a more valid excuse than simply not wanting to be with someone.
That’s as valid a reason as is required.

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A little bit of kindness really goes a long way to people in these situations.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

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