Everybody needs a little rebound once in a while. I’m not much of a sports guy, but my understanding is that the term comes from basketball, where once a player has been fouled or blocked, they are then allowed to start a hot but brief relationship with someone on the opposing team to help them recover from it emotionally and raise their self esteem.

That must be what it’s like in sports, because that’s what it’s like in life. Except sometimes, the relationship in question turns out not to be quite such a quick fling, as these anonymous people will attest.

10. The engagement

That’ll be a fun thing to put into the wedding invitations.

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9. For the kids

I’m not sure this image is terribly relevant but good for you!

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8. My heart will go on

“I just want to move on.”

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7. My guy

A little bit of rebranding can do a world of good.

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6. The year

That’s maybe not the best sign…

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5. Engage!

Captain Jean Luc Picard would be proud.

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4. Accidental baby daddy

“#harddecisions but #goodadultdecisions.”

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3. Something more

The thing every musical protagonist is looking for.

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2. Why so serious?

He never let go of her to begin with, not really.

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1. Happily ever after

Like the fairytales all told us was possible.

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I guess you never know what might happen when you get out there looking for some rebound action.

Have you been in a situation like this? How did it go?

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