Ah, the glorious, stupid days of high school. When everything is incredibly important and nothing really matters.

It’s a churning, broiling society from which legends may spring – and I think we all know at least one or two of those legends.


Reddit has some tales of glory that should be encased in the trophy closet for all time.

1. The Parking Lot Hero

When I was in 11th grade, a guy a year older than me, in grade 12, saved a grade 9 girl from being abducted by her estranged father in the school parking lot. Her dad hadn’t been in her life for years and had previously tried to take her from her elementary school. This being her first year in high school, I guess he tried again. The 12th grader heard her scream as her dad tried to force her into his car and he ran over and got involved, apparently punching the dad before the dad got back in his car and sped off.

Guy was a legit hero at the school.

– BigPZ

2. Unleash the Kelly

There was this girl “Kelly” who was very tiny, quiet, and seemingly well mannered. Very unassuming girl, I don’t think anyone knew who she was (big school) until she was ESCORTED OFF CAMPUS BY THE POLICE for stealing the credit card information of 14 students and going on a shopping spree.

She disappeared for a year before somehow being allowed back in for her senior year.

Instead of being a pariah, this girl somehow became a d**n meme. “Free Kelly” posters would pop up with her mugshot on them, her name was incorporated into chants used at football games like she was a weapon that could be used against the opposing team, and she was at the top of everyone’s party invite list.

– ElysianReverie21

3. A Sharp Tongue

In my first year of high school, someone ran for student body president, and covered the entire school with posters saying “Vote for NAME, he’s a Cunning Linguist”.

By the end of the first day all the posters were down, and he was told he was no longer allowed to run in student council elections.

He won as a write in candidate, but was not allowed to serve. Legend.

– notprodigy

4. High Atop the Throne

Halfway through my last year of high school someone managed to put a ceramic toilet on top of our multi story gymnasium. I have no idea how that feat was achieved. The school staff didn’t know either, nor could they figure out how to get it OFF the roof once they found it. As a result it remained on the gym for the remainder of my time there.

I never found out who did it, but I will admire them until my dying day.

– Queasy-Cherry-11

5. The Baby Savers

3 kids at my high school literally saved a babies life by lifting up a car off of a child that got ran over and had it’s head pinned under the axle.

The baby would have died had they not showed up. Those kids were hailed as heroes and if I recall Good Morning America offered to fly them to New York for interviews but they declined, I’ll see If I can find the article

– Branden_the_Dj

6. You Got HACKED

Someone installed games onto the schools server. There were a bunch of N64 emulators, Peggle, and some other games. But then there were also LAN games that could be played against anyone/everyone in the school including Counterstrike and Halo. Sometimes you’d go on and there’d be no one, other times there’d be 10v10 fight in Blood Gulch.

It lasted at least 10 years but don’t know if it has been taken down since.

– gopack49er

7. Always the Quiet Ones

My brother ran in to the statue of our high school mascot with his truck at night. Knocked the bulldog off it’s platform then threw it in the back of the truck. It ended up in a pond out by our house. My brother, who was a massive wallflower in school, and never told a soul until he mentioned it to me over some beers in our 30s.

No one ever knew who it was but it was a big deal and I remember tons of allegations, accusations, and rumors as to how our mascot disappeared. Never in my life would I have ever suspected my brother.

Legendary in my eyes.

– Finiouss

8. The Book Con

Not high school but elementary school. We had this system where if we read a book we could take a quiz online ab the book and we’d get points for how much of it we got correct and at the end of the year the students that had a certain amount of points got to go to this after school party with waterslides and food trucks and it was a lot of fun.

Anyways, this buddy of mine would read all these big long hard books (they were worth the most points) and he’d take the quizzes, write down the answers and pass them around to other students and by the end of the year, there were ab 50 students who went to that party including myself all thanks to him.

Hope you’re doing alright James!

– ThyEagle

9. Open Season

Long story short: Jerk of a substitute wouldn’t let a heavily pregnant girl use the restroom, and she had to go to the nurse then the doctors afterwards, enraging entire graduating class of the girl.

Substitute quits after three weeks of Open Season on him with him giving this speech of how we’re all ungrateful and how we’ve made him regret ever wanting to be a teacher.

According to my little brother, who is currently at that school, it’s still talked about because the faculty put in a rule that a teacher can not prevent a pregnant student from going to the restroom.

– Kylie_Bug

10. BDE

Someone spread a rumor that Legend had a small pp. He responded by photocopying his Johnson and leaving the pictures on the desks of everyone in the class. He got suspended but set the rumors straights. BDE for sure.

*I was not in his class, nor did I see the picture

– MasterRidley127

11. Backstage Pass

We had a thing at our high school called Senior Assembly. It was basically a variety show put on by the senior class. The seniors would do skits dressed up as teachers to make fun of them, and the teachers dressed up as students to poke fun at us, etc.

Anyway, our class decided to go with an SNL theme. One of my classmates flew to New York City, somehow managed to sneak backstage at Saturday Night Live, and then got almost the entire cast to give individual shout-outs to our graduating class. This was in 2009 so he got people like Will Ferrell, Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg, etc. Even Lorne Michaels gave us a shout-out.

– cadmiumredorange

12. The Thermos Incident

So, ‘legend’ in this case means f**king lunatic.

He took the teacher’s thermos from the back of the room, not knowing it was hers. He goes to the bathroom, with the thermos. Comes back, with the thermos. She says, “Oh, you found my thermos! Great, thanks! Just put it on my desk.” He does, and then walks out of the room wordlessly. She opens the thermos in confusion.

He s**t in the thermos.

– Mxpxrocks2

13. The Chase

My teacher assistant in college stopped showing up to class for a couple days, later on we found out he had gotten high and got into a car chase with the police, we never saw him again

– idkbbitswatev

14. Music Fest.

We had a school music festival one year and my band played it. Being a bunch of h**ny 17-18 year old dudes with raging hormones, of course we had a song about s** and the chorus was “cuz all you wanna do… is f**k!” The chorus repeats that line for about 4-5 times each round of the chorus and we play the chorus three times.

It’s our turn to play and we get about 4 songs into our set before this song comes up. We’ve got a decent crowd of a couple hundred kids in front of the stage moshing and what not. other kids and administrators are sprinkled across the field watching the show. Now we can’t yell F**k at a school sponsored event so the first run of the chorus our singer says the line but holds the mic out to the crowd and gets our friends to yell “F**K!” By the end of the first chorus about 1/3 of the crowd joins in on the call and response and you can clearly see from the stage that there is a buzz in the crowd about getting to yell F**k. Next run of the chorus the whole crowd of kids are yelling it and it gets picked up by the PA. By the third chorus it’s so loud that it’s getting blasted across the football field and the administrators can’t do a thing about it but sit and watch.

We heard about that for months after the festival. Some of the teachers gave us props for pulling that one off simply because it got the admins so p**sed.

– ibanez5sdgr

15. I Am McLovin

When I was a junior in HS the wrestling team would hang out in the bathroom at lunch and pack lips in the stalls. There was a kid who was probably on the spectrum who’d also hang in the bathroom every day and eat his lunch there so we befriended him and tried to give him some banter.

I went to a midnight screening of Superbad and the first time McLovin came on the screen I was like “my god, that looks JUST like a slightly skinnier version of (stall kid).”

So the next day at school I saw him in the hall and during our usual daps I was like YOOOOO IT’S MCLOVIN!!!!!!!! That caught on and for the rest of his time in high school everyone called him McLovin (he liked it) then he was voted prom king as a Senior. Hope you’re well, McLovin :’)

– kunderthunt

Legen – wait for it – dairy.

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