Do you ever get the first date jitters? Want my advice on how to avoid them?

Never go on dates. Boom. Problem solved.

But if that’s not enough for you, you may want to take some notes from this Reddit thread.

What should you NEVER do on a first date?
byu/Couch_Licker inAskReddit

Here are some things to NOT do if you want your next big night to go swimmingly.

1. Stay on your phone

Put it on vibrate and don’t look at it except when you go to the bathroom. I walked out on a date because she was constantly replying to messages.

They did not take it well.

– [deleted user]

2. Show up wasted

This guy was obviously drunk or on some sort of drugs. His date was being so polite but was clearly uncomfortable.

Her server managed to pick up her signals and when she got up to “go to the bathroom” he ushered her to our service elevator to make her getaway. After about 15 minutes he let him know his date had left, he seemed surprised, then a bit upset, finally confessing that it was the second time this had happened to him this week.

I kind of felt sad for him in the end, dealing with addiction is tough.

– omgbbqpork

3. Talk about the divorce

If you know the person you’re dating is divorced, don’t ask about it on the first date.

Not a fun thing for them to talk about.

You’ll learn about it eventually if you end up going on more dates.

– ChalkDstTorture

4. Break her nose

My now husband hugged me the way Lenny petted rabbits.

He was happy to finally meet me in person after online relationship, was a virgin, and thought harder hugs mean more love. They do not.

He still apologizes when it’s brought up, lol.

– Fact_Even

5. Ask about their fetish

Some guy asked me that out of the blue while I was staying at a friend’s house and emotionally recovering from a tornado destroying my house.

He knew this.

I avoid him

– MetaGigaZ

6. Trust too fast

If it’s through a dating app and you don’t know the person you should never be too trusting and share too much.

It’s best to spend some time with someone to get to know them first.

I think especially goes for women but applies to men as well.

– Fuzzyphilosopher

7. The no-no list

Whine about your ex.

Talk politics.

Bring up something that a reasonable person would recognize as “controversial”.

Expect sex.

Use your phone.

Get too drunk.


Be rude to the service staff.

– ACGC2020

8. Hijack the conversation

Keep it going and listen to them.

Avoid the big issues on a first date.

You are trying to feel each other out, not start a debate.

So: Politics, religion and her (or him) can be shelved for other dates or conversations.

By her/him I mean exes, divorces, late partners.

– Mike7676

9. Talk about your ex

Went on a date with a guy once who talked about how his ex was the love of his life and he’d never love anyone as much as her.

He also proceeded to say that “at our age” (we were 23 lol) that if you weren’t dating for marriage you were wasting time, and that’s why he was so excited for our date because he could see himself marrying me.

I recommend doing neither of those things. Shocker but we never married.

– retroverted_uterus

10. Go to dinner

If it’s going badly you’re not going to want to be stuck there with them.

Make it a beverage meet at a nice place near somewhere nice that you can walk to — if you both want the date to last a while longer. Somewhere you can interact with each other.

– Bebe_Bleau

11. So much winning

Try to win someone over.

If they don’t like you, they don’t like you and trying to force something especially on the first date will most likely not end well

– silver_zilk

12. Don’t do this

Don’t go without eating because of nervous gut.

Don’t drink too many beers because you need liquid courage.

And finally, don’t accidentally massacre their bathroom because you’ve only had beer to eat that day.

– sarahcanucks

13. Skip the check

Either guy or girl, I would expect you to offer to pay.

I (22M) always insist on paying, but it is really nice to have someone who doesn’t feel entitled to a free meal.

The check game is a real thing for me at least, even though I plan on covering it.

– the_og_buck

14. Count the strikes

Went on a date with a girl who counted strikes against me. a Bad joke, strike 1. Greeted another girl I knew that we ran into during the date, strike 2.

It was on strike 2 that I went “well wait a second how many strikes do I get?”

And she said “in baseball you get 3, so you get 3 strikes.”

and I go “how many do I Have so far?”

and she goes “two”

so I said “ok” and I got up and left without saying anything, never saw her again, no texting, nothing.

– helljustheretohelp

15. This…

As you drive us back from the restaurant to your place, don’t pull into a graveyard and point out your dead boyfriend’s grave.

//yes, this happened to me. and, yes it was creepy as f**k.

– outbound

Just avoid all of that and a bunch of other things and you’ll be fine.

What else do you think you should stay away from in a date?

Tell us in the comments.