The biggest, most inescapable reality of life is that we’re all going to die. And one of the biggest uncertainties is “when?”

The truth is, we really don’t want to know the answer to that question. Because when we find out, be it for ourselves or for someone we love – when we are burdened with the knowledge that the end is soon, it makes the living part so much harder.

That’s the difficulty people like these anonymous contributors are facing.

10. Only 35

That’s far too young. Far too soon.

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9. Nobody knows

That’s a lot to digest right there.

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8. The fear

Life finds a way through all of these things.

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7. The little ones

“Their mother won’t see them grow up”

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6. Fading fast

That is a special kind of heartlessness I hope to never witness firsthand.

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5. You’re fired

I think you might be able to carry a successful lawsuit for that kind of thing.

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4. Good news / terrible news

What a horrible time to try to process all of that.

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3. The hardest day

Difficult to imagine how it could get harder.

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2. Can’t get physical

There are drives within us whether we want them or not.

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1. The failure

Staying strong can only take you so far.

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To anyone and everyone who finds themselves in this sort of situation – our hearts go out to you. It’s unimaginably hard.

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