PTSD is an increasingly adopted term. So much so that I probably don’t even need to explain what it stands for – which is a big change from the way things were, say, 20 years ago.

I’m no clinician, but I think one of the misconceptions about the condition is that it only happens to people who have survived something exceptionally horrific, like the worst tragedies of war. The truth, though, is that traumas big and small leave their marks on us, and sometimes it’s big enough that it actively screws with our daily lives, and our relationships.

That’s the position these anonymous contributors found themselves in.

10. “I feel guilty”

Nobody wants to be a burden to the people they love.

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9. “As an excuse”

At that point, you should probably look into what else is going on.

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8. “Time to breathe”

It’s hard to take a break in your hour of need.

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7. “Couples therapy”

The thing is that all of these are intertwined.

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6. “A burden on my marriage”

We’re not as broken as we often think we are.

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5. “Under control”

You never know when it might rear its ugly head again.

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4. “Gone down significantly”

There’s great comfort to be found in each other.

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3. “I stopped dating”

People don’t realize how often this happens.

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2. “Making me lose my mind”

I need you, don’t leave.

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1. “I told him about”

Knowing and living are too very different things.

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Remember, if you think you need help, there’s no shame in asking for it.

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