We all know the Golden Rule – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Or, put differently, treat others as you’d like to be treated.

It’s a basic standard on which all sorts of moral codes have been built, not just within Biblical traditions, but in societies all over the world and throughout history.

However, it’s not quite the same as “treat everyone like they were you.”

That is a different thing altogether.

If everyone in the world had your personality, what would the world look like?
by inAskReddit

And what if the world WERE only you? What kind of place would that be? Reddit has answers.

1. Indecisive

It would take much longer for decisions to be made.

“Its whatever you guys want honestly”

“I personally don’t mind, it’s whatever you guys want”

“I’m good with either or, you guys can decide”

“I’m not too picky, you guys can choose”

– 7th_Spectrum

2. A bit bipolar

It would vacillate between periods of more things being done than one can imagine, and nothing getting done at all.

Also, a whole lot of arguing over everything and anything.

– NathanGa

3. Apologetic

One of us would start apologizing for this whole situation then we’d all keep apologizing until we die of hunger because we cannot stop apologizing.


– browne_cow

4. Lazily peaceful

No wars, no conflict between nations, etc, just because we could not be bothered to take it that far.

We would just talk things over a pint and some good food.

We would be trying to do what’s best for our country, while trying to move towards a united Earth.

– Whappingtime

5. Struggling

Everyone would be a good person deep-down, who cares about others and equity of humans.

People would understand that everyone has been through their own h**l in one way or another, and all people need is to be seen/heard.

But everyone would also be a secret alcoholic who can’t stop smoking weed just to make it through the day.

They’d have mental health conditions and struggle with the weight of the world, the meaning of life, and the fact that some humans can be so deeply cruel.

We’d be better and worse. I don’t love myself a ton but I know that I’m a good person that wants the best for the future pf humanity and the planet.

– RoemWithMe

6. Apocalyptically distracted

All of civilization would collapse.

Not because of war, or because of resource scarcity.

The end of the world would happen because no one would show up to work on time and would lose interest in whatever job they were doing because they were watching cat videos on the internet.

– Muirghiel

7. Questioning

The economy would collapse. Just from me not buying much of anything but certain foods.

Though this question raises questions for me – Does everyone have my personality but retain their skills and knowledge?

And do they have my personality as it is now or my personality as would be in their life situation?

‘Cause I’m very unproductive at the moment but I might be much more happy and productive in certain jobs.

I’m guessing my current unproductive-ness would not transfer to those people?

– Crocoshark

8. Dangerously curious

I’m not quite sure, but I know everyone one is likely to be respectful or efficient.

I can’t be both the world will probably be destroyed because I feel like I do have good problem solving skills and that combined with my extreme curiosity would kill me the second I solve how to form a black hole.

– RandomGamer132

9. Barless

Peaceful and possible antisocial. I am a huge introvert and the last major party I went to was my prom.

So, no more bars or fancy parties because everyone would just hang out at home and read books, play board games, play card games or watch movies.

Also, every 100 miles there would be a big museum, aquarium, and swimming pool.

People would be nicer to one another and nobody would lose their tempers.

Everyone would go to church every Sunday and volunteer at least once a week.

– meow1983

10. Shy

It would be uh.. interesting.

Billions of shy, slightly neurotic, endlessly curious, impulsive, awkward people.

I have a bad feeling they would have some pretty rough childhoods though.

That was a major ingredient leading into who I am today.

– RadioMelon

11. Friendly

Very little would get done.

But what did get done would either be incomplete or complete to an exacting degree.

And also we probably wouldn’t fight with each other because we all just want to be friends with each other

– minkymy

12. Partying

It would be like a nonstop party.

Everyone is super friendly and gets along.

Dress however you want.

There would be a massive brewery in the middle of town everyone gathers at and then has s**.

– Mighty_Mac

13. Ethical and useless

Incredibly loud and opinionated, but also honest and considerate.

People would actually look where they’re going while walking, wouldn’t have their faces buried in their phones the whole time.

‘Influencers’ and other useless people would be shunned by society.

Also the world would be a dumpster fire because everybody would be too lazy to get anything done.

Beer and weed industries would still be thriving, however.

– kinggimped

I guess maybe it’s good that there’s a little variety out there, huh?

What would the world be like if everyone was like you?

Tell us in the comments.