Dads. They’re pretty great, huh? They’re all dadish and sayin’ dad stuff. It’s the best.

I’ve long had a theory that when you become a father, they bring you a copy of the child’s birth certificate, on the back of which you get to write down four jokes which henceforth will be the only jokes you get to make for the rest of your life.

That is the dad way, and it is sacred, and you can’t convince me that’s not how it goes down.

But even when not using one of those selected jokes, they can be pretty funny.

10. Getting ink

Are they both Calvins peeing on stuff?

Source: Whisper

9. Tool time!

And all the kids at school were like “Who?”

Source: Whisper

8. Hook up

Just a dad looking out for his own.

Source: Whisper

7. Party on

Funny how life turns the tables on you sometimes.

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6. Three’s a crowd

How to confuse a doctor very quickly.

Source: Whisper

5. He’s evolving

“Thanks that was very funny but I still don’t understand how any of it works.”

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4. You good?

It’s just that these lyrics speak to my soul, that’s all.

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3. You da bomb

Well that’s a lot of money down the drain right there.

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2. Sir Albert

Ok you two behave, now. No PDA.

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1. Tag, you’re it

Oh cool, weird embarrassment.

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I can’t wait to be a dad someday. I wonder what jokes I’ll pick.

What’s your dad like?

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