It’s no secret that Tumblr is a spot on the internet that attracts a lot of writers; not just in the sense that people are writing posts, like we do on most social media, but in that sense that folks who are interested in the craft and pursuit of writing in particular often find a nice home on the platform.

Writers are storytellers at heart, so it makes sense that this would lead to a place with a ton of pretty great short stories to scroll through, both fictional and anecdotal. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

12. Soilent green?

When good intentions go bad.

11. Teach it

Here’s a compact collection of a few great teacher/student stories.

10. Reverse!

Twist ending: they came back and robbed him later.

9. Kitchen Nightmares

“Leslie, I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything.”

8. Big time feels

Just some stories about rough dudes being gentle.

7. Not to be rude

Kids say the most omnipotent things.

6. Come together

You can grow up real fast on the internet.

5. Message in a bottle

I swear to you, you have no idea where this is going.

4. Evolutionary theory

She didn’t come to play.

3. Cracking under pressure

I hope you offered her an egg in those trying times.

2. The name game

Previously unsaid sentences in human history.

1. Mile High Club Penguin

I’m sorry, when you were HOW OLD?

Gotta love a good story. And if you think about it, you’ve probably got several, even if you never bothered writing them down. Maybe consider changing that! The world may be interested to hear about it.

What’s a funny story that happened to you?

Tell us in the comments.