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Sex is pretty much the pinnacle of awesomeness for most people – the good kind, anyway – so it can be hard to believe that there could be so many things that compare.

These people came up with some great ones, though, and I bet if you think about it, you can come up with a dozen things that make you feel pretty darn amazing, too.

13. You just give yourself a smug little smile.

12. Someone who isn’t your spouse, for the double bonus.

11. This is a rare gift from the gods.

10. Maybe this will happen to me one day and I imagine it will be explosive.

9. It’s true that nothing really feels as good as freedom.

8. You are the chosen one and it feels pretty darn good.

7. And you didn’t realize why you had no stress and so much time all day!

6. You never say no to the extra nugget from the heavens.

5. Okay, but why not just turn on your tunes?

4. Being a good human has its rewards.

3. Seriously, what a rush.

2. Even better when it’s been years.

1. It’s a different kind of thrill.

Just reading through these gives me a pleasant shudder!

Share with us the things that make you feel super duper awesome (in public!).