Time was, if you wanted to tell a secret anonymously, you just kinda had to go to a bar or something, spill your guts, and hope you never ran into that stranger again.

Now, we just use Reddit.

What’s your biggest secret?
byu/madsmadman inAskReddit

And the secrets we have to share? Well, they run the gamut from funny to dreadful.

1. I’m thinking of ending things

No matter how well I’m doing in life, there’s always the thought of killing myself, ending it all.

I haven’t done it yet because I have no reason to do it yet. In a way, it’s calming because I know if things ever go wrong, I have an exit plan.

– pablospc

2. Take this job and shove it

I hate my job. Which is actually a really good job to have. But I get bored so easy. And I know lots of people in my field who love the job.

I’m here for the pay. That’s it. I’d quit tomorrow if I could. But then I remember it took me 15 years to get here and it would be a waste.

Plus my wife and kids would suffer if I did. They think I love what I do.

35 more years of this. Don’t know if I can do that.

– CothersMunt

3. Just a fantasy?

I love thinking about having a partner in the future and possibly being really happy as I get older, but in the back of my head I really can’t fathom someone ever actually falling in love with me.

at all.

– minervaonmars

4. The phantom menace

Not really a secret to my loved ones, but I get incredibly irritable with people I live with and I can’t figure out why.

I always think I have a justified reason for being angry and irritable even though I almost never really do.

It hurts me and my family a lot and I feel helpless even though it’s my actions.

– DangOlRedditMan

5. Skate away

I’m from Finland. Everybody here knows how to skate. I’m 43 years old and I don’t. And it’s too late to learn now.

Sure, there are classes for this, but they are basically meant for pre-schoolers.

– Bicentennial_Douche

6. “I do neither”

The first love of my life dumped me because she said I’d never amount to anything. At that time, she was right, but her comments ended up helping me find direction.

I employ 75 people now and have achieved financial and emotional health.

I’m conflicted if I want to thank her or rub it in her face.

I do neither

– adx321

7. For the steal

I am a kleptomaniac.

Started when I was very little, I stole a tool from shopping mall and felt this incredible rush of excitement.

I have only told one person in real life

– No-Biscotti-7071

8. Totally closed

i can’t open up. like at all.

for some reason i bottle things up inside instead of just sharing them. even typing this is making me nervous, knowing someone else knows that i think like this. but whatever

– 12bluedragons

9. Put me in, coach

I have a bit of a crush on my coach. He’s about 15 years older than me, and he’s married with kids.

We talk all the time, and we just click really well. Obviously I’d never act on it, but I can’t help but wonder if we were the same age and single..

Throwaway account, of course. And I’m not a minor, don’t worry lol

– AnonymousTaco77

10. No son of mine

I recently lost custody of my son, and I’m kind of glad… I fought with my ex wife for over 2 years and through this time of being denied access to my son he decided he hates me. She told him I’m choosing not to see him and he believed her even though I’ve been in court trying to get him back this whole time.

After fighting this hard for this long, all the money, time, and emotional energy I’ve put into it I’m glad it’s over. I would still be fighting today if he wanted me to…

– EveryDayAnotherMask

11. The haunting

I’ve always had a weird haunting feeling that someone was coming to kill me/everyone wants to kill me.

I have a fear of staying alone, as soon as I’m alone in a hotel or something, I feel as though I’m a target. Like I put chairs in front of doors, I have mace, and a taser in case someone breaks in and tries something.

I have no logical explanation for this besides being a single woman in her 20s that could become a statistic.

But yeah, I live life like I’m a wanted Russian sleeper agent in paranoia world. It sucks to be afraid all the time.

– momogirl200

12. You can relate

Everything’s boring as s**t dude, like remember those days playing super Mario or climbing a big a** tree and such as a kid.

Nothing brings me joy like that anymore..

– ZenniBruh

13. Stick to it

I’m 50 and still can’t drive stick (standard). When I was in college my friends and I went to the bars.

I was the only one who didn’t drink so I had to drive everyone home.

My friend’s car was a stick shift. I destroyed his clutch. Still haven’t learned.

– LidoCalhoun

14. Sorry, Sam

I stole a copy of How to Eat Fried Worms from a girl who had bought it at a thrift sale in grade 5.

I’m sorry Sam

– king-geass

15. The separation

I feel like I’ve been emotionally separating from people over the years.

Not intentionally. More like drifting away.

I feel almost a numbness where I think I’m supposed to feel something. Many of my interactions feel fake.

I’m scared that it won’t get better and that I’ll never be able to reconnect.

– AntoniusPoe

Holding secrets forever isn’t good for anybody. Remember – if you want to tell a real person who might actually be able to help, therapy is a good option to look into.

Do you have any secrets you wanna share?

Tell us in the comments.