As a very unexceptional straight white dude, there’s not a lot of times I feel like my answers or input is truly needed lately.

But then I came across this prompt on Ask Reddit:

“Girls, what inappropriate questions about guys have you always wanted answered?”

My time has come. I will try to answer these apparently burning questions, most of which are about genitals.

1. Float unless it’s cold and compact.

Does your dong float or sink in water?

– asawee

2. Yes, it can cause trouble.

Do you feel weird when someone sits on your lap because of uh…you know :0

– Kitty-Bloom

3. Everybody loves a pretty face!

How much does having a nice face matter?

Especially in a long-term partner?

– xatetas277

4. Orgasmic.

how the f*ck does it feel to c*m out semen

– xXChocoboXx

5. Before? No. After? Yes.

When you go to the bathroom, do you wash your hands before taking your d*ck out to pee?

– Hissingbunny

6. Nah, go for it.

Is it weird to grab your *ss during sex? I just want to help… guide it?? Lol

– wowgamesarefun

7. There’s really no need.

Why don’t you have to wipe when you pee??

There’s absolutely NO need at all??

Not even a little dab??

– Pleasant-Flamingo344

8. I think if it were that cold you’d be dead from exposure.

If you nut in the freezing cold, does your c*m freeze mid-shot?

– Veravu

9. I have mixed feelings about it.

For the guys who didn’t get to choose to have a circumcision, are you mad at the people who chose for you when you were a baby?

– MissCheyenne14

10. It’s a bit like stopping a sneeze, but far more within one’s control.

When we ask you to stop, for whatever reason, how much effort does it take?

– takecourage18

11. About the sex that I’m having.

what do you actually think during sex?

– Vegetable_Amount4812

12. Random thoughts come and go, they don’t mean anything.

Do you fantasize about other women when in a relationship?

– Trowaway_29

13. On rare occasion a little something might spark.

Being totally straight, do you ever feel slightest attraction towards other guys sometimes?

– Rooodra9

14. The look is an impulse, the stare is just being rude.

Why do you stare at boobs? Like I get looking at something you think is attractive, but why STARE, it makes women uncomfortable.

– HavePlushieWillTalk

15. …yes.

Has every guy at some point in time tried to suck their own dong or is this just fiction.

– IronDominion

Well, I hope that cleared up a few things.

What questions do you have for people?

Tell us in the comments.