We hear plenty about “toxic” relationships and the various “red flags” that accompany them.

But why always focus on the negative? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what we ARE looking for, rather than what we’re not?

What are some GREEN flags early on in dating that the relationship should become serious?
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Here are some happy people of Reddit to clue you in to the secrets of their relationship success.

1. Country roads, take me home

My husband and I back country camped on our second date. He was a pro so I trusted him abs he says he was impressed at my willingness to be bold and do something adventurous.

We spent several hours hiking in to spot with only conversation and the woods. We set up camp and cooked together. The feeling was peace. Just at peace to be with each other, work as a team and comfortable with the quiet and fire. I knew he was the one that night.

I always thought love at first sight would be a powerful rush or energy. Turns out it feels like coming home.

When your soul feels at peace, that’s a green flag my friends.

– adm0210

2. Constant talking

My husband and I have endless conversations. There’s nothing we can’t talk about. Nothing. The first time we ever chatted on the phone we talked for 6 hours.

We’ve been together for 15 years and STILL talk every day, several times a day. We love our breakfast time because we chat after eating and really enjoy each other’s company. We love talking no matter where we are. And since he also works from home, we work together. There’s lots of times we’re saying nothing, just enjoying being around each other.

But I love that we can talk about anything we want and it doesn’t descend into an argument.

– moviesandcats

3. It’s the weird things

Being weird together after only a couple of dates.

It has taken me forever with most. But if I’m able to open up and be silly then I know it’s a really good sign as I’m an introvert and incredibly shy around someone new, especially someone I see as a partner.

– Alonso81687

4. Pay attention

Both people genuinely enjoying the conversation, being attentive to each other.

No negative attitude either

– Psyco_diver

5. Very driven

How good is their company during a drive, or when there is nothing to do?

My future wife and I found that we loved just spending time together. We could talk for hours in a car during a drive. Sometimes the drive was more interesting than where we were going.

A few weeks into our relationship, we went through a drive-through and she spontaneously unwrapped and rewrapped my burger so I could eat it while driving with clean hands. I knew I was going to marry her. Just over a week from now it will be 23 years!

– aecarol1

6. It goes on and on

When you can talk forever about pretty much anything, and when something you have different opinions about becomes an interesting discussion rather than a fight.

– MournfulGiant

7. Move along

On my 2nd date, before I was supposed to move states, we got stuck in a parking garage cause of an accident for 45 minutes.

We watched a non subtitled foreign film on my phone, enjoyed talking with one another, and we connected despite being done with what we had planned to do and were stuck in a car.

I ended up canceling my move and marrying the woman.

– KuroiSuisei

8. Communication is key

The one that surprised me the most was being upset and telling my bf how I needed them to do XYZ (help me with chores, walk the dog every once in a while, etc) because I was overwhelmed and frustrated and he just responded “okay, I didn’t know you felt like that. I’ll try to do better but please remind me if I forget” and that was that.

And he did.

It seems small and obvious, but holy crap I don’t think I had ever felt more heard.

– thelife0fZ

9. Grow together

Encouraging growth, but doesn’t try to change your foundation.

– BeachTimePlz

10. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Do they respect your boundaries?

Do they apologize or acknowledge if they have done something wrong without making themselves the victim?

– Talquin

11. Chill out

Noticing the other does not take themself too seriously.

In the very very early days of dating my now-husband, we took a long road trip for a romantic getaway in Boston. The first night in town, expensive dinner in a famous seafood restaurant. The server brings the bill and takes my date’s credit card. Server comes back with the news that the credit card was declined.

Both he and I burst out laughing at the same moment. That was my green flag!

– Caprilounge

12. At ease

When you feel completely at ease with them.

You feel you can totally be yourself.

Love is fireworks at first but if they come with a warm glow rather that edginess, that’s a good sign.

– angilnibreathnach

13. Making the heart grow fonder

Being comfortable with time apart.

Early on in my relationship he went out of town with his family. When he arrived back in town he called me and thanked me for giving him space, but now he misses me and wants to come over.

Apparently, his last girlfriend had him on the phone day and night when he was out of town and he was shocked I didn’t call him at all. I was respecting his space!

We’ve been married five years now, and I still don’t bother him when he’s gone for a weekend.

He calls me every night before bed, but I don’t bug him because I want him to enjoy his time without worrying about me. It helps that I trust him.

– 99Orange

14. Don’t hold it in

Open communication about sex and feelings. Holding that stuff in for too long can lead to built up resentment, communication breakdown, confusion, depression… all sorts of issues down the road.

And being okay with raising concerns and issues – like if you find a person who can deal with that level-headedly, maybe even not agree but at least hear your piece without getting offended, you’re a winner.

I don’t believe in relationships where there are no conflicts or concerns ever. That just doesn’t happen. Relationships are bumpy and full of snags, and being able to navigate them together is so important.

– throwaway92715

15. I’ll be back

They’re ok with spending time apart.

A significant other (or even just a friend) that can spend their own time alone and doesn’t absolutely need you to be happy is a major green flag.

You should make each others’ lives better, not become each others’ entire lives.

– zhenyuanlong

Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

What are some other relationship green flags?

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