Depending on where you’re at in life, the news of pregnancy can be absolutely thrilling, dreadfully horrifying, shocking, a welcome relief, or a myriad of other things.

So often the need to announce it to your partner is accompanied by a lot of worry about how they’ll react. But as many find out quickly, the worry was all for naught, because it’s smiles all around.

Here are some heartwarming reactions to the big news.

10. Can’t keep off

Those hormones are really doin’ a number on us.

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9. A salad decision

There are a lot of things worth sticking around for.

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8. Hold up

A helpful cat? I don’t believe it for a second.

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7. Nacho problem

I have this job except not the baby part.

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6. The possibilities

I before we except after me.

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5. Hair today

Oh he’s gonna be ready as heck.

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4. Leaps and bounds

Hey man, ya gotta start somewhere.

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3. Oh, baby

Either incredibly sweet or a quick thinking cover up for something.

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2. Man up

The important thing isn’t whether you were ready, but how you’ll handle it.

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1. Your body, your choice

Now that’s a good dad right there.

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It’s nice to hear stories of supportive family like that. Maybe we can get to a point where those are the only kinds of tales there will be.

Do you have a story like this?

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