One thing that this lockdown has brought to light in a painful way is how many people out there ain’t too handy in the kitchen.

You know what I’m saying?

It makes sense: suddenly the world stops and when you’re not used to cooking at home, you’re suddenly thrown into a whole new world where YOU’RE in charge of your meals.

The horror!

People are sharing their less-than-stellar food concoctions online and we think you’ll definitely want to take a look at these.

Let’s begin!

1. Doing what you gotta do.

This isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Doritos Sandwich – turkey, cheddar, lettuce, and spicier nacho doritos with kayo and sriracha on white bread.
byu/ilavestus inshittyfoodporn


What did you do?!?!

Asian stirfry with $0.50 pack of udon noodles, veggie scraps, the last egg, and 5 goddamn hotdogs
byu/none4gretchen inshittyfoodporn

3. Also known as “Bowling Alley Nachos.”

Did anyone else out there have Doritos used for nachos at bowling alleys, or am I the only one?

Doritos and kraft shredded cheese microwave and served on a Tupperware lid.
byu/DaCaton inshittyfoodporn

4. I don’t think those are safe to eat.

Yikes…sorry about that.

I wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies but only put in one cup of flour instead of two. They won’t come off of the pan
byu/CaptainPoptop inshittyfoodporn

5. A pretty interesting dish.

I’d like to know how this one tasted…

My wife has gluten allergy and today’s her birthday, couldn’t get a gluten free cake from bakery yet… I managed gluten free pancake, cinnamon, butter, cream cheese icing and splash of syrup.
byu/SharpLawfulness inshittyfoodporn

6. Bacteria cakes!

They don’t look very appetizing.

Tried to surprise my wife with flower shaped pancakes and they ended up looking Covid cakes
byu/ChopperNYC inshittyfoodporn

7. Cheese for DAYS.

I’m guessing you didn’t have a lot of ingredients in the house?

Cheese sandwich.
byu/uu02 inshittyfoodporn

8. Hahahaha. Yes!

That’s pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

[deleted by user]
by inshittyfoodporn

9. Are you sure that’s pizza?

Not really sure what to call this…

I made……?
byu/weallhaunt inshittyfoodporn

10. Bon Appétit!

Feel free to dig in!

Mom’s Lunch
byu/dudeisaguyonaranch inshittyfoodporn

11. I can’t un-see this and I’m not happy about it.

A total nightmare.

Peeled strawberries
byu/bigpapaglim inshittyfoodporn

12. My eyes!

This is really not good…not good at all…

Cute dots on my cheesecake ended up looking like a skin disease.
byu/TheCoffeeToGooo inshittyfoodporn

Have you made any…unusual meals while you’ve been stuck at home?

If so, please tell us what you’ve been cooking up in the kitchen in the comments below.

We need some new ideas!

We look forward to hearing from you!