It’s a dadgum tragedy to look at someone you once respected and think “what happened to you?”

It’s the kind of thing that sticks with you forever, even though the person in question likely won’t.

What made you lose respect for someone?
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But how does this happen? Reddit’s got stories.

1. Showing disrespect

When a member of the team I supervise ranted about my leadership to me while I was actively trying to support them in dealing with a difficult client and then said, “I guess I should just chalk it up to your age.”

I reminded her that I was her boss, and that if she had the gall to say that to her supervisor, could I trust what she was saying to clients and colleagues?

That seemed to get my point across.

I will continue to treat her equitably and professionally through the end of her contract, but I no longer respect her.

– DashHammerfist

2. Being EXTREMELY cheap

Aformer friend of mine is very cheap. Like, she won’t even throw few pieces of fries away, because she doesn’t like to waste food. I really respected that, because I’m not super duper careful with money.

She rode her junk bike around, and one day, it broke to the point of no return. I had some bikes around that I sort of fixed, so I sold one of them for $50.

It caused some issues, and I tried to fix it, but didn’t work out. I obviously felt bad. Eventually, she asked for the money back. I apologized and gave $50.

Few days later, I asked for the bike back, so I can fix it and sell it online or something.

She said “Well, this bike is not worth $50 and it caused so many troubles. I’m not gonna give you the bike back.”

I said “wtf? That’s not how this works. Either give me $50 or the bike”

She said “I’ll have my mechanic friend to look at it and offer a fair value for this bike. I need the bike, but it’s not worth $50.”

I knew that she’s cheap af, but I didn’t know that she’s this “cheap”.

– OvulatingScrotum

3. Being an opportunistic predator

I had just found out my husband had an affair, and we had separated for a short time.

It was mentally and emotionally breaking for me, obviously.

A guy friend of mine I had known forever found out about what happened and text me to see if I was doing ok.

Didn’t even wait for an answer, got a d**k pic and “ wanna make out sometime?” from him.

It’s been four years and I can’t even look at his profile picture without being furious.

– LaylaBird65

4. Cheating

Visited a friend from high school I hadn’t seen in a long time to congratulate her on her pregnancy and catch up.

While there she told me that she suspected the baby wasn’t her husband’s but knew she’d be able to tell in the delivery room so she wasn’t going to say anything to him until she saw.

– alottafajynna

5. Pulling a Homer Simpson in the worst way

Was at someone’s home and because his son would not stop hanging on him, put him in a sleeper hold till his 13yo, passed out.

The dad did not think anyone saw him do it. I pulled him aside and called him on it. He did not think it was that big of a deal.

I called out to my wife, said I can no longer associate with him and we left. I explained to her what he did.

Later the wife called asking WTF, I asked if she new what he had been doing…

He is now divorced and not allowed near his 3 son’s. I hate this because the oldest son has made school life difficult for my oldest son.


– alanwilliford

6. Being an awful customer

I work at a grocery store for barely more than minimum wage. One of my coworkers came through my line with a full basket and started berating one of our newer employees, who was sacking her groceries.

She was acting just like any other customer that makes our days worse that they need to be. I lost a lot of respect for her.

– Weller_BWitched

7. Being an entitled snob

I had a friend whose dad paid for her college degree, housing, credit cards, car, and then eventually got her a job in his buddy’s company, and then he bought her a house.

That’s fine, whatever, lucky her.

But then she would make disparaging remarks about people with debt, and that I just can’t handle.

– OutrageousSea5212

8. Getting weirdly violent

Best friend of mine up until the beginning of this year.

Got drunk and out of nowhere put a knife to my throat.

I was able to escape and sent him a picture of the cut on my throat from the knife.

I told him to get help.

Otherwise, I haven’t talked to him since.

– David_Pumpkin

9. Being an unapologetic manipulator

Had a friend since the 4th grade, and at age 35 he was single and using dating sites.

He said to me and I quote “I need to find a woman with low self esteem so I can manipulate her into doing what I want”.

It’s been 8 years, and haven’t spoke to him since.

– Bald-Bull509

10. Stealing from kids

I was a kid in girl scouts during the cookie season almost 20 years ago now.

My troop did rather well selling cookies and we were supposed to get different prizes for reaching various numbers of boxes sold.

Once all the money and checks were collected, my troop leader took it all for herself (a bit more than $5000) and vanished. No one got any of their cookies or prizes.

She was discovered some time later at an electronics store and arrested.

– -butterscotchtape-

11. Being a sleeze

The husband of a friend was commenting on another girl’s bikini pics.

Things like, “you look so good. Can I hit you up. Maybe take you out? ”

He didn’t know that I was friends with the other girl.

– Catlenfell

12. Being an awful manager

An ex-manager throwing his direct reports (me and my colleagues) under the bus and blaming s**t that was his fault on us to try and weasel out of a bollocking from his (admittedly sh**ty) manager.

I’ve never been more disgusted with a human in a work context.

Needless to say I didn’t stay there much longer.

– skuldintape_eire

13. Abandoning your pets

Dumped all her pets after having a baby.

Two were my former foster cats.

I got them back, and they were covered in fleas, had three kinds of internal parasites, and had forgotten how to use a litter box.

In hindsight I’m glad they got out of there, but I’ll never speak to her again.

– BotiaDario

14. Being a compulsive liar

They’d lie about everything to get attention, and the funniest thing is that they were an awful liar.

he changed up his lies all the time and thought I was dumb enough to believe it.

he complained about the problems he was causing himself and acting like the victim and refused to fix his s**t.

I blocked him on all social media including his phone number

– A_wild_Slimee

15. Besmirching someone

My roommate slept with my friend, and when he decided he didn’t want to hook up with her anymore or pursue a relationship, she lied and told everyone he gave her an STD. He took a full STD test and came back 100% clean.

I got in another fight with this same roommate because I was sick of her always making excuses for driving drunk. When I tried to explain to her that the consequences can affect the lives of other people and not just her own, she said she “just doesn’t really care that much.”

I told her she needed to take some accountability or move out. She moved.

– Redtember

I guess I knew before this that there were bad people out there but like…it’s rough to be reminded so thoroughly.

Has something like this happened to you?

Tell us about it in the comments.