I’ll never forget the time that I went into a friend’s parents’ bedroom and saw a HUGE pencil sketch of the two of them together.


It’s the kind of image that really gets baked into your head. My friends, quite used to the picture, didn’t seem bothered by it, and I guess good for them, but that’s the kind of thing you’re just not expecting to see when you walk into a place.

It’s the kind of thing that you end up posting about anonymously on the internet, like these people did.

10. Snack permission

I dunno, this was pretty much the case in my house. Is it that weird for kids?

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9. A little crowded

“There were¬† 9 people and a few cats living in that 2br house.”

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8. Well, that’s a choice

I guess sanitation wasn’t his number one priority.

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7. Oh, Christmas tree

At that point you’ve passed the midway junction and you’re not late anymore, you’re early.

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6. Ge this bread

Why don’t’ you just toss that, friends?

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5. Party time

Bold move, indeed.

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4. Last one there is a…

Has she ever heard of, I don’t know, a cat?

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3. An absolute doll

I feel like there is a very dark story behind this.

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2. Spooky scary

Ah, cool, we would not be friends anymore.

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1. There’s a hole…

And don’t get me started on the frog on a log.

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Guess you never know what you’re gonna get.

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