Does your brain need a bit of a boost? Well then it seems to me that you’ve got two options.

The first is that you could buy some weird brain supplement pills that get hawked on conspiracy shows and/or sold at gas stations for some reason, or you can play it safe and just read these tweets.

I mean, it’s up to you. But I’d really recommend just continuing to scroll.

10. Sock it to me

They’ve just lost the thread that was holding them together all this time.

9. The noise

Dads do this so often that half the time I think they’re just faking it to feel more useful.

8. All the power

I shall take the hand that fate hath dealt me, and reverse it.

7. Our space

It was a place for angst, but not like, society-destroying angst, ya dig?

6. Bye bye Mickey

M-I-C – see ya real soon!

5. The client list

Come on, you can dish. That’s not totally illegal or anything, is it?

4. What a guy

This man looks like he’s going to play a minor role in a 70’s gangster movie.

3. Big light

It’s the same bulb and everything, it just hits different.

2. Stay on target

Call up shark tank, we’ve got a live one here.

1. Will to live

Completely agree. “Oh, if I struggle really hard I’ll be rewarded with more struggle.” No thanks.

There. Now your brain is officially in top working condition. Congratulations.

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