We’ve all had to work a few jobs that we didn’t much care for, or even downright hated.

But quite often, the difference between hating a job or finding it tolerable to pleasant isn’t so much in what the work entails, but in who you’re working with, how well you get along, and whether anyone involved in particular is just rabidly unfair.

I certainly don’t envy the people behind these anonymous work confessions.

15. Nothing wrong

Wait, what?

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14. Being normal

Well, that little speed bump is certainly not going to help.

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13. I’m devastated

Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you:
Wage theft is the most common form of theft in America.

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12. All in the family

When you just need to come up with any ol’ excuse.

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11. Climbing up

Who cares who you hurt along the way, right?

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10. Fast and the furious

It gets absolutely insane in the restaurant business.

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9. What a car wreck

Boy if only there were real justice in the world.

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8. For the best?

Well I’m glad to hear that because that sounds horrible.

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7. Very illegal

Yeah, so far a LOT of this stuff has been illegal.

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6. Steal and steal alike

Doesn’t it feel fun to be the one always getting passed the buck?

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5. But weight…

Well that’s horrible.

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4. Heart and soul

Careful about giving too much of yourself to a company – at the end of the day it’s just business.

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3. No tell

Like you’re gonna die without that 200, come on.

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2. Office intrigue

If promises were posies we’d all have a beautiful garden.

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1. Sick of this

“Did they really want me serving customers when I had the flu though?”

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Guh. Work isn’t all there is to life. Remember that.

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