The first form of paternity testing with any kind of sound scientific basis came about in the 1920’s and was based off the recent discovery and classification of different blood types, and the fact that they were genetically inherited.

If the man had the same blood type as the kid, it stood to reason, he’s more likely to be the father than a man with a different blood type.

It’s something, but far from perfect. Tests have come quite a long way since our understanding of genetics have advanced. But no matter what science can tell us about biological parentage, there’s always going to be the much messier matter of the human emotions behind it.

10. The brother

Woof, what an awful little time.

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9. What do I do?

Sounds like you’ve just got a big decision to make.

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8. All in the family

Hey, don’t apologize to us.

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7. She doesn’t know

The important thing for her will be having someone who loved her around.

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6. Divorce

Sounds like the split was probably a good idea, then?

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5. Acceptance

Peace out, moving on.

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4. Cradle robbing

I’m sure they’ll both be absolutely thrilled to hear it.

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3. Keeping up


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2. Priorities

So, you think they won’t be able to tell then?

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1. Doing the math

Well, doesn’t seem like you’re gonna be able to keep it from him.

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Life sure gets messy. Honesty is usually the best policy.

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