At the time of writing, the person with the most Twitter followers in the entire world is former President and first African American POTUS Barack Obama with 129 million.

The second most is Justin Bieber.

The current President doesn’t even hit the top 50, at least not yet.

I don’t know what, if anything, those statistics tell us about Twitter, but it’s definitely notable how connected we are in this era, or how connected we seem to be.

However, rather than ponder all of that, let’s look at some stupid funny tweets and chortle a lot.

10. Instant gratification

At least you can’t upload from desktop. For some reason.

9. The Wire

Who told?

8. Holiday cheer

I think it’s more appropriate to say “this Holiday in particular feels deeply manipulative.”

7. My friend Benny

People say they take that stuff to sleep, which I don’t understand, because it makes me feel absolutely insane.

6. The last straw

The important thing is that you can’t look like you want it too much.

5. Second place

It’s kind of great because you’d make just enough money to be comfortable but not be so famous it ruins your life.

4. Doodle time

Wait, your mom does chemical equations while chatting?

3. Back breaker

What am I, some sort of beatnick child?

2. Bottom’s up

That’s genuinely stunning, though.

1. The next generation


Come on back very soon for other Twitter jokes. There are lots, you see.

Who do you think deserves to have the most Twitter followers?

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