Sometimes, when you see some stairs, the stairs stare back at you.

You stare into the void, the stair void, and the void stares at you, then stares at the stairs, then looks back at you.

And the void raises its eyebrows and does a short of concerned shrug over to the stairs, like, “Can you believe this?”

You, in wide-eyed acknowledgement, nod, and then shake your head, as if to silently communicate to the void “I know right? These stairs are ridiculous.”

15. Watch your head

You musn’t be this tall to go upstairs.

These stairs must be for pets and children only
byu/CapnRedbeard647 inCrappyDesign

14. Little dots


These stairs in Monaco
byu/clockbird inCrappyDesign

13. Roundabout

When the stairs are due today but you forgot to study.

These stairs
byu/mariii95 inCrappyDesign

12. Higher education

Not the most efficient use of space.

These stairs in a college I visited had people confused…
byu/N0t-a-Weeab00 inCrappyDesign

11. Oh joy

Why am I so irrationally angry about this?

These stairs in my sisters house are a joy to use
by inCrappyDesign

10. Losing it

Excuse me, you’re in my way.

Someone directed us to these stairs when we were lost.
byu/Magic_Dolo inCrappyDesign

9. Up and away

Yeah dude, you got ghosts in there for sure.

These stairs in a residence hall when I was in college. Always creeped me out. Poor quality due to camera phone circa 2009.
byu/rileyjw90 inCrappyDesign

8. By the foot

What kind if giants do you live with?

These stairs are 1ft/30cm high
byu/paulcbel inCrappyDesign

7. Stone cold

What sort of troll made this?

The one stair slightly shifted to the side.
byu/True_Duke_Of_Spook inCrappyDesign

6. The corner

Is this for time-outs or something?

The stairs to nowhere
byu/mmjj2007 inCrappyDesign

5. Shut up

This is me trying to open up to anyone emotionally.

You win this time, stairs…
by inCrappyDesign

4. Face it

Who wanted this? Who asked for this?

These stairs…
byu/RaplinePlease inCrappyDesign

3. Yipes, stripes!

What a trip.

Terrible floor to see the depth of the stairs.
byu/buxx inCrappyDesign

2. Shower power

Ah, the thing for nobody.

Carpeted stairs to shower
byu/jLynx inCrappyDesign

1. A new angle


Nearly died carrying a box down these basement stairs
byu/BlackJPI inCrappyDesign

And now we have stared thoroughly into the void, and it into us. And from the void, we hear the echoes of ancient wisdom: “Hire a competent contractor.”

What design fails have you noticed recently?

Tell us in the comments.