Do you ever get the “birthday blues?” It’s a real thing. Some people get super depressed around their birthdays. Feels like the opposite of what you’d expect, but then again, maybe that’s the problem. Expectation.

We put a lot of expectations on big events, especially those for which we are at the center. And often, those expectations are unrealistic. Maybe that’s why we end up depressed? Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

Let’s delve into the thoughts of some anonymous contributors for more on the birthday blues.

10. Erase the date

If we had that kind of technology a lot would be different around here.

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9. It’s so bad

Sounds like test stress, but for you.

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8. Daily melancholy

That sounds like quite a meal.

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7. A painful memory

These things leave a scar forever.

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6. Happiest person ever

Strange how that can happen to some of us.

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5. The big tradition

Is it how you put out the candles?
(Sorry, that actually just sucks.)

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4. Getting closer

Like an ominous thing.

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3. A few weeks out

It feels like a reminder of who we’ve lost.

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2. Just another day

But it’s kinda YOUR day, yanno?

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1. Balloons

Ok but balloons WILL probably fix it though.

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Here’s to the birthday people – may the blues not come near you next time.

What do you think about birthdays? Do you love them? Hate them? Get the birthday blues?

Tell us in the comments.