Every public bathroom wall has a unique story to tell. They contain the thoughts and ramblings of people who had a minute to kill…and they also sometimes contain the name and number of someone you should call if you’re “looking for a good time.”

But have you actually taken the time to call one of these numbers? To find out what Tina or Tony or Big Bertha actually has to say.

These people took it upon themselves to call or text some of those famous numbers.

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Mean Mike.

“I saw a number scratched on a table at a bar that said something like “Call Mike, he’s been really mean :(” So I sent Mike a text telling him to be nicer and in response he sent me back several angry “Who the hell is this?” texts over the next few days.

He’s really mean :(.”

2. I know you!

“In high school I messaged one that was on the backseat of a bus that was going through a town that was a 30 min drive from my town.

I texted, “Who is this, your number is on the back seat of this bus” they reply “Greg”.

I told my classmate about it a week later since his name was also Greg.

Sure enough, he holds out his phone with the text message from me in there.”

3. That worked out.

“I was at the bus stop and saw this text: “If you are in deep sh^t, call this number”.

I called the number cause i had like 30 minutes to bus. It was local small taxi company.

I told him to come and pick me up.

He saved me like 25 minutes of waiting, the guy was cool, and I even gave him solid tip.”

4. Not cool.

“I called a number for a good time.

Was greeted by a local pizza place.

I proceeded to order 2 pizzas and at the end of the call discovered they didn’t deliver to my area.

It was a bad time. The stall lied.”

5. You never know…

“I dialed a number from my college bathroom stalls that said “Free bl***ob.”

I thought it was going to be the police department or something asinine but I wanted to do it anyway because you never know and it was a number for Vector Marketing.”

6. A woman’s voice…

“When my friend and I were about 11 there was a public bathroom in the park where we had soccer practice and outside that public bathroom was a payphone and on that payphone was scrawled a number and above it the word “sex.”

I don’t recall ever paying for a call so maybe it was a 1-800 number, I don’t remember. It was a recording of a woman’s voice. I remember only the beginning, but I can hear it crystal clear: “You wanna have fuuun? Yeaah?” And then a bunch of feminine giggling. We would hang up when the recording asked for a credit card number to continue the call. I think we were terrified out parents’ credit cards would somehow get charged and we would get caught. Kid logic.

We were/are both straight females. But we still called that thing all the time. It was seriously the most risque thing I had ever done up to that point. And also probably for a long time afterwards, sadly….”

7. A bonding moment.

“I went to a gig and everyone who frequented this venue would write on the wall while queuing so me being drunk already decided I would ring one cause it said something amusing. Guy answers and I tell him where I am and that I was bored so I rang this number off the wall.

We had a convo about who he saw and who I was seeing that night and due to me being drunk I sang a song by the band he went to see down the phone to him. Funniest queue bonding moment so far.”

8. When you need a friend.

“Found a number on the bathroom stall in a bar “when you need a friend, when something great happens and you have no one to tell, when you want to vent, when you want to be spontaneous, when you need help getting home from a drunken stupor, call ###### RIP RYAN”.

I cried and called to tell her what a great message it was and we both cried and talked for a few hours.”

9. Just letting you know.

“I texted the number while I was drunk (usually, sober, I wouldn’t).

The same day, the woman called the police and reported me for harassment, even though I only texted her saying hi and telling her that her number was on a bathroom wall.”

10. A love story.

“My cousin met her boyfriend since 3 years by calling a number of a bathroom wall.

It said something like: “For a good time call xxxxxxxxx She texted out of curiousity. Apparently one of his friends had put his name and number down there just to mess with him. He usually had guys sending him d-picks and sh^t and was considering changing number.

They texted back and forth for over 6 months until they met up. They now live together and seem happy.

If they ever ends up getting married and have kids they will have quite a story to tell about how they met.”

11. The park bench.

“17 years old, was at the park with some of my friends and this bench was COVERED in numbers, so we took our time trying to get through all of the numbers, the majority of them went to voice mail and led us nowhere but the last number we called said “call for a great meal ;)”

We were like “yeah boys one of us is gonna get some” so we proceeded to call up the number, only to find that my mate’s phone rang who was a straight A catering student at the time.

was really surprised the note was truthful”

12. Wait a second…

“I used to call the numbers and inform the recipient of where there were not such nice things written with their name and number. They’d always ask what it said. I’d always reply that I want sure they wanted to know, but they would insist. I would tell them verbatim in my radio announcer voice and listen to the shock emanate from the cell phone. They’d always ask me to mark it out, but I would tell them that I didn’t have a pen or sharpie.

Found my sister’s number once and couldn’t stop laughing.”

13. Robot sex.

“I saw the number read Hunger Games Hotline so I took a picture of it in case I ever wanted to call it.

A year later I’m on a school field trip coming back from DC when I tell my friend we should call this one number.

He says yes, we dial it and we hear robots having sex.”

14. Well played.

“Said “for best bj”.

Person that answered said that meant best blinging jewels.

Well played Kay Jewelers!”

15. A crazy story.

“As crazy as it sounds I texted a number off a bathroom stall in a movie theater in Texas when I was visiting family. I made some sh^tty joke, and then told them I got there number off of a wall. Somehow it turned into a full on conversation and that was how I met the first love of my life. We were together for over a year and its just crazy to think it all transpired because I texted a number off of a bathroom stall.

That was about 6 years ago and I haven’t seen or talked to Kayli in years but its still a pretty cool story to tell people.”

16. Not always a good idea.

“Once, my friends called one of the numbers. It was some kind of a pizza delivery restaurant. My friends made fun of them, and I don’t know what exactly they said, but the police called 10 minutes later saying that someone bomb threatened the restaurant in the past (through a phone).

Then the police came to investigate. Everything was ok, but it was kinda scary as we were like 12/13. Don’t do numbers, kids.”

17. That was risky.

“When I was in uni I messaged a number on the wall of a bathroom stall. A guy and his friend both came and, well, came. and left.

It was exhilarating.

Got tested immediately and later and never did it again but was hottest s^x I’ve had ever.”

18. That’s weird.

“I found a business card in a phone booth printed cryptically with, “If you don’t call, you’ll never know,” and a phone number. Since I had time left on the phone card I called, and now I know.

It was a pseudo-religious self-help cult trying to recruit people to seminars at their ranch in like New Mexico somewhere with promises of finding a new spiritual family. No thanks, the last thing I need is more family.”

I gotta say, I’ve never tried this before, but I might have to give it a shot!

Have you ever called a number written on the bathroom wall?

If so, tell us what happened in the comments! Please and thank you!