Marriage is kind of a big deal.

Some people say that younger generations don’t take it as seriously, but I beg to differ.

Yes, people are getting married later and later in life on average, and co-habitating couples often see no need to tie the knot for years at a time, but I’d argue that that means that when people DO finally decide to get married, it means they’ve thought about it a lot, tested the waters thoroughly, and are really really ready to take it on with diligence.

That said, nobody is immune from mistakes, or from second-guessing, as these real anonymous confessions confirm.

10. “He texts me every once in a while.”

What do you do when you just can’t get them off your mind?

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9. “I haven’t even been married 6 months.”

That buyer’s remorse sets in pretty quickly.

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8. “Now if I want out…”

Depending on what community you’re in, that stigma can be excruciating.

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7. “I still believe.”

I’m not so sure myself.

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6. “A real shot.”

You gotta shoot your shot, but with who?

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5. “So boring now.”

The spark is gone so soon?

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4. “2 years later…”

The high school sweetheart marriage is so often fraught.

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3. “It is just pain.”

And at that point, you take your leave.

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2. “Always wanted to be a mommy.”


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1. “Absolutely no interest.”

How did you two end up together in the first place then?

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Godspeed, troubled marriages. It sure ain’t easy.

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