I think we can all agree that some features look good on people, regardless of their gender.

Nice eyes, a full head of hair, a great set of abs, a funny personality, a caring nature.

All the good stuff!

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about what features they think are hot on a person, and they’re talking about ANY person.

1. This is very true.


A charming person is charming no matter what. Certain kinds of personalities are f*cking hot.”

2. You need to smell good.

“A good smell is so attractive.

And it’s so personal as well. Even an otherwise really attractive person is not attractive to me anymore if they don’t smell right.”

3. This is crucial.

“Definitely humor.

When you have the same sense of humor as someone else and you can just feel the click, that’s an amazing feelings.”

4. A good hugger is hard to find.

“Hugs, but like the kind that are just really warm and genuine…the kind that breathe life into somebody.”

5. Nice and simple.


Hot on anyone and everyone, in my opinion.”

6. This is important.


When someone speaks about something they’re really passionate about I can sit down and talk with them for hours. Just to hear them speak about it.”

7. Be kind.

“Genuine kindness.

Anyone who is kind from the bottom of their heart is undeniably attractive.”

8. Don’t be boring.

“Opinions, thoughts about things, curiosity.

Really dull people are a total waste of time.”

9. It’s a rush.

“A good singing voice.

A lot of singers are okay but there are a few that certain parts of their songs will give me that same rush like someone kissing my neck.”

10. Good qualities.

“Quick wit.

Being nice.


11. All animals need love.

“Liking most animals in general instead of them saying “iM a DoG pERsoN CauSE cATs DoNt LoVe YOu” or “Im A CaT pERsoN CaUSe DoGs ARe DiRtY””

12. Please be weird.

“Definitely authenticity. I don’t want an Instagram clone!

Tell me about your niche hobbies and interests! Be the weirdo you are on the inside!”

13. Getting knocked down.

“Good attitude/sense of humor.

You could be a ten, but if you have a sh^t attitude you’re knocked down to a 3 REAL quick.”

14. This is key.


Being sure of yourself goes a long way. It comes across in how someone walks, talks, wears clothes. Even someone who is not traditionally attractive can become so through confidence.”

15. Treat them well.

“I pay attention to how people in particular, treat their service staff.

Saying “please” and “thank you” to your waiter is definitely nice to see in a person.”

16. Work hard!

“If we’re talking about strictly relationships and not just random hookups then, work ethic.

Relationships require teamwork and I’ll be damned if I’m the only one bringing home the bacon.

Hard work and motivation is hot.”

17. Now that is hot.

“Emotional intelligence and communication skills.

If you can tell me what you’re feeling during a disagreement without being hurtful, and can also tell me what you’re feeling and what feels good………that’s hot.”

People are speaking the truth in those comments, no doubt about it.

What about you?

What do you think are attractive features on someone, regardless of gender?

Talk to us in the comments!