Being an adult is full of big responsibilities: bills, kids, jobs, more bills, even more bills, etc.

Maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, huh?

I think not, my friends.

Do you feel this way?

AskReddit users weighed in on the struggles of adulting.

1. It’s never easy.

“Losing people.

Loved ones passing away is the hardest. Then there’s the nasty breakdown of personal relationships, family relationships and friendships. Then there’s the sad drifting apart that happens when life takes you on a different path to a person you were once really close to.”

2. No one does…

“Realizing that not even your parents have all the answers. And finally understanding that they were just figuring it out as they went just like we are.

Not having an all knowing figure to give you the answers to all your problems is the pits and I hate it.”

3. Decisions, decisions.

“The endless teeny tiny implications of adult freedom.

“You have your own medical insurance plan now, you need to pick a primary care physician.”

Ok who should I pick?

“Up to you”

But like where should I start, how do i know which doctor to choose?

“Up to you”

How do other people find one?

“They just pick the one they like”

I don’t know any of these doctors!”

4. Mom was a superstar.

“Being able to not cook the same meal everyday while balancing hundreds of other tasks. I will always admire my mom for how she was able to cook, have a clean house, work 43 hours and help her children do homework all while taking time to work out at the end of everyday.

I could mention other common problems like money management and common tasks that I haven’t mastered, but what really hit me like a train was the actual transition of adulthood.

Im talking about having to make my own appointments and having to keep tabs on myself instead of handing every single document to my mom. I realized how unorganized I was when I found my birth certificate in the same drawer where i have junk receipts.”

5. Painful.


Arthritis is fucking horrible and early onset autoimmune arthritis is worse than just having an ache in one or two joints.

I hurt all the time, everywhere, and everyone just assumes you’re faking it or you’re a pill popper. I am not going to live another 20 years with this pain like my dad did.”

6. Insomnia is real.

“Not being able to sleep due to stress. Yet here I lay, exhausted but wide awake.

When I was younger I could sleep anytime, anywhere.”

7. The worst.

“The utter soul crushing search for a job.

I was out of work for years due to severe illness, then spent 8 months looking for any job possible but getting rejected every time.

I finally got 2 interviews lined up in April then coronavirus hit and they got cancelled! I cannot catch a break…”

8. I’m the adult now?

“Dealing with your parents acting like children.

My parents have always acted like children, however as a child I was blind to this.

Now as an adult l, I realize how immature and lost my parents actually are.”

9. Hard to make friends.

“Going from having tons of friends to really having no one.

Even the few you have – if they get married and start popping out kids before you? Sheeeeeiiiiiiiiiit.

I was a groomsman at my buddy’s wedding and haven’t seen him face to face in 2 years. First kid, back to college for his master’s degree, house renovations have all kept him on lockdown.

And now quarantine right when he finished his degree.”

10. Life is expensive.

“How expensive living is.

I worked all through high school, but my only “bill” was the gas I put in my car. 30 hours a week on minimum wage goes a long way on shopping sprees and nail salons when you don’t have any other expenses. I developed nasty spending habits, not the “value of a hard-earned dollar” my parents were hoping for.

I’m not in crippling debt or anything, but sometimes having to spend money on groceries or utilities depresses me more than it rationally should.”

11. Everybody’s shrink.

“Having others rely on you as an emotional ballast.

I can barely stay sane myself, let alone carry the weight of someone else’s sanity.”

12. In an instant.

“It’s entirely possible to lose your job through no fault of your own.

Laid off last year when my company cut 273 positions and outsourced them. My kid was five months old at the time.
I never felt more adult.”

13. Not a big fan.

“How many adults I actually dislike.

When I was younger, I thought my parents liked all our neighbours, all my teachers, all my coaches, etc.

I’ve since found out that they thought most people were morons….kind of like I do.”

14. No free time.

“The lack of time for myself.

Life is all work, housework, yard work, child care, bills, emails, phone calls…”

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