Do you see dead people? Many claim to, but full disclosure – this writer has a lot of doubts.

Personally, I find the business of entertaining a lot of totally unverifiable stories of communing with the dead to be potentially dangerous. Sure, on the one hand, ghost stories are fun, and most people probably don’t take them too seriously. Even more, there’s gotta be *some* slim possibility they’re even true, right?

On the other hand – there’s no good reason to assume they are true. And making a lot of uncritical space for them opens the doors to some much more likely outcomes, like filling the pockets of manipulative con artists, giving the grieving false hope, instilling people with needless fear, and even nurturing a mental illness in someone who needs help.

But who am I to say? Let’s see what some anonymous folks who consider themselves mediums think.

10. “I’m a white witch”

I can only think about Aslan the Lion now.

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9. “I’ve talked to her myself”

I think that last part was implied, thank you.

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8. “It knew every question I asked”

(Google the ideomotor effect if you’re curious about Ouija.)

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7. “More drama”

Dang, your earthly tea isn’t enough?

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6. “I can summon them”

I’m curious as to how that process goes.

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5. “I know you skeptics won’t believe me”

Some of us don’t doubt what you experienced, but we may doubt the root cause of that experience.

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4. “Some are good and some are evil”

Man, that movie messed me up for weeks when I was a kid.

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3. “She is still here with me”

Well I sure hope she’s paying rent.

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2. “I’m a Christian”

Hey man, there’s ghosts in the Bible. A witch even summons one.
1 Samuel 28

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1. “I miss him a lot”

But he’s not gone?

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I suppose in the end, how you choose to think of these things is up to each of us. That’s a power we should be responsible with.

What’s your opinion on ghosts?

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