It’s weird how compelling ghost stories can be.

There’s absolutely zero hard evidence that people live on in some way past the death of our bodies – our brains. And despite that, most people throughout history have and continue to believe that’s exactly what happens, in some form or another. It’s the underlying tenant of just about every religious and spiritual tradition there’s ever been.

Does this indicate some innate knowledge we have, that doesn’t need proof? Or is there some other reason that we’re compelled to see ghosts everywhere, even though we don’t?

Maybe we can get a little insight form some anonymous folks who claim to be in contact with the dearly departed.

10. The meeting

So I assume that as a kid you also just never slept again?

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9. Only the closest…

I’m sure they’d be fascinated.

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8. Seeing spirits

It’s sentiments like these that make one worry that what’s actually going on is some form of mental illness that needs to be addressed.

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7. Centuries past

“They can’t talk about the afterlife, it’s a secret apparently?”
Sounds a liiiiittle too convenient if you ask me.

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6. Falling deeply in love

Am I the only person who finds this really disturbing or?

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5. I see dead people

*Concern intensifies*

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4. Perfectly normal

I’d say it’s normal when you’re 4, maybe not so much as an adult.

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3. She knows

And how did she come to that knowledge?

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2. Very uncomfortable

How do you do with the water?

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1. Lucid dreaming

Our fascination with and fear of death might just be the catalyst for so very many things.

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Spooky stuff. How seriously you take it, I suppose, is up to you.

Do you believe in ghosts?

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