When you hear the term “psych ward,” what comes to mind?

The sterile halls of a non-descript hospital? The creeping terrors of some horror film? A place of lunacy, of healing, of sadness, or hope? Maybe even just a banal sort of workplace?

Depending on your life experience, your impression of what such a place is might vary wildly. Let’s look into some insights from anonymous folks who have actually spend some time in these locations.

10. “The kindest, most gentle…”

A place of compassion and human struggle.

Source: Whisper

9. “It got really boring”

A place where the not-so-crazy act crazier to keep themselves from going crazy.

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8. “I never felt as whole”

A place without judgement or shame.

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7. “I have learned…”

A place of endless afternoon activities to while away the hours.

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6. “I met my wife”

A place to meet a perfect stranger.

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5. “Less human”

A place in the care of the possibly cruel.

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4. “One of the best experiences of my life”

A place to find those on the same journey as you.

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3. “It doesn’t make you better.”

A place some might consider an alternate kind of prison.

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2. “Everything was so simple”

A place where you can really focus on the matter at hand.

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1. “The best friends I could ever have”

A place to love and be loved.

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Seems like your mileage at a place like this – a place like these – may vary by quite a lot.

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