The way we treat mental illness – especially the facilities we dedicate to it – has come a very long way from the nightmarish sanitariums of the past.

Still, it’s not all utopian healing. There’s plenty of mismanagement, abuse, questionable practices, etc, alongside many truly getting the help and support they need.

It’s a mixed bag. As these anonymous confessions from patients reveal.

10. The drug pushers

Context is very much key, I think, but I get what you mean.

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9. Safe and sound

The outside world is a scary place.

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8. No change

It’s heartbreaking to feel you’ve taken the right steps and are no further along.

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7. I miss it

Facing a cold indifference can be the hardest part of any struggle.

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6. Totally accepted

A place without judgement is a good spot to start healing.

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5. Get me in

Ironically, feeling the need to be there probably DOES, by itself, indicate that you need that sort of help.

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4. Honestly though

This world is tough.

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3. The slippery slope

Where the heck are you getting all that?

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2. The big job

There’s a story there.

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1. The roommate situation

This is something that causes a lot of already unstable people to really lose it.

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These stories can be a bit intimidating, but if you’re struggling with mental health, you shouldn’t hesistate to seek help. Society may not be perfect at this yet, but a helping hand sure beats going at it alone.

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