Oh, in-laws. Love them or hate them, if you get married, you’re going to have to learn to live with them.

Some people get lucky and have amazing people as their in-laws, and others really draw the short end of the stick. The end that’s always yelling at them and making Thanksgivings unbearably awkward. You know the sorts of sticks we mean.

If you think your in-laws are bad, keep reading to see the worst mother in laws of all time.

10. “Never married”

You don’t get a whole lot more clear than that.

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9. “My wedding is going to be tacky”

Not if you have anything to say about it.

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8. “Accused me of lying”

People project what they dislike in themselves.

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7. “Love telling the story”

What a weird flex.

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6. “I was asking for it”

Ok, fair warning, this one is truly horrible.

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5. “I wouldn’t marry him”

Considering he’s your ex –  maybe she really was just looking out?

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4. “Some people…”

Some people don’t seem to care about anything.

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3. “On my wedding day”

Gee thanks, not like this is a big deal or anything.

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2. “Tiffany”


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1. “It wasn’t too late”

It kind of is, actually.

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I guess that’s why they call them mother-in-laws, because the only way you’re going to admit you’re related is being legally obligated to.

Do you have awful family stories?

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