Weddings can be stressful for those involved. Planning a wedding can test relationships, ruin friendships and do a lot of damage if things get to be too much.

So why did these bridesmaids leave?

From issues with money to the need to perfectionism, here’s why 23 bridesmaids left the wedding party, according to their own anonymous confessions.

15. “Our friendship has changed so much”

It’s hard to face that kind of shift.

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14. “Ignoring my efforts”

If you’re always going to avoid, expect to be avoided.

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13. “I just can’t afford it”

It’s crazy how expensive weddings can get, even if you’re not the one getting married.

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12. “My ex-bestfriend”

There’s probably a reason for that ex.

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11. “I need to downsize”

True story – I know someone who was once in a wedding party of TWENTY FOUR people.

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10. “She didn’t want to spoil the photos”

Oh. Well that’s. Horrid.

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9. “I refuse to wear that color”

Oh come on, get over yourself.

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8. “I couldn’t be one”

To be fair, she may have been telling the truth and just made a no-win decision.

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7. “She decided…”

Sounds like you’ve been rather taken advantage of.

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6. “A nasty list”

What are you like, in high school or something?

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Yanno, for something that’s supposed to be all about love and joy, weddings sure do tend to spread a good amount of strife.

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