When I was in college, I was in the middle of a sort of group project that was going to go late into the night when I received “the text” from my then girlfriend.

I can’t remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of “I think I might be pregnant.”

I won’t lie to you, I think I probably turned white as a ghost.

I’m not proud of the fact that I kind of left my fellow students hanging as I made some vague excuse to leave, buy a pregnancy test, and head to her apartment. Turns out it was a false alarm, but I am proud enough to say that as freaked out as my college boy self was, I didn’t react anywhere near as badly as the guys in these anonymous stories. Because, woof.

10. “He wanted nothing to do with the baby”

Well then it probably wants nothing to do with you.

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9. “He couldn’t deal with it”

That put you off kids forever?

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8. “I’m terrified”

This is a time for support, not seclusion.

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7. “Nah”

I wouldn’t be too confident in that particular method, my man.

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6. “I would’ve had some explaining to do”

“He just made me feel real low.”

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5. “Despite going through an emotional crisis”

Nice. Well done, dumb dumb.

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4. “He’d want a paternity test”

Bruh, we did the deed, you rolled the dice.

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3. “He wouldn’t come up and help”

Oh, well if you don’t WANT to, fine then.

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2. “The father doesn’t know”

What kind of monster TELLS someone they have to miscarry?

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1. “That’s over now”

I’d say so.

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Do better, dudes.

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