It seems like there’s pretty much a warning label on anything you come across anymore – except for the one place where we probably need to see more warnings, and that’s on our fellow human people.

So it comes to no surprise that the fine folks over at reddit asked the following question…

If people came with a warning tag, what would yours be?
byu/Memeclub_ inAskReddit

For the good of those around you, consider these warning labels (courtesy of the people of Reddit) to apply to yourself if you fit one of the following descriptions:

1. Annoying.

Tolerable only in small doses.

– nomopyt

2. Attached.

Warning: becomes attached to people very easily.

– WirelessTrees

3. Defective.

As is. All sales final.

– danthemandaran

4. Lazy.

Caution: Hard to motivate.

Interests may change randomly, mental stability not guaranteed.

– DrWillz

5. Drunk.

Do not mix with alcohol.

– goat_on_a_float

6. Narcoleptic.

Short Battery life but charges quickly (I’m narcoleptic lol)

– sl33p1ng-s3nt1nl

7. A bunch of people.

Identity disorder

It may say something like:

“Buy one, get one free”

– Burrito-8

8. Farty.

Warning. May contain gas.

– BeefGravy-on-Chicken

9. Fiery.

Caution: Explosive material. Authorised personnel only

– OverDepreciated

10. Retentive.

I’ll remember everything you’ve said and it’ll be awkward when i bring it up in a few years as if it’s nothing.

– DarthMurdok

11. Awkward.

Warning. Believes it is funny. Is not. May give off jokes at inappropriate times. Do not leave unattended at social gatherings.

– TannedCroissant

12. A lot.

Do not remove from container without good reason. Contents of this package are surprisingly enjoyable but wears out easily with overuse. Liable to expire at any time, no refund available.

Store with cats for best results.

– BlackoutXForever

13. Apologetic.

Warning: I’m sorry for apologizing so much.

– DylThaGamer_

14. Caring.

Caution: gives a sh*t.

– boyvsfood2

15. A niche expert.

Warning: may tell you disturbing facts about animal genitalia.

– Frantastic79

I could probably do with a few of those.

What would your warning label say?

Tell us in the comments.