A lot as changed on the internet since it was young. But one constant remains: the internet is mostly for cats.

No matter how bogged down we get with political fights and the deluge of streaming services and the latest memes, we will always return to our own corners of the web and share cat pictures with each other, because it’s really what technology has been leading to thus far.

Enjoy this gallery of Reddit users doing exactly that, and let these fur babies make your day a little better.

14. I canz be tall

Outside washing windows on a ladder when my wife snapped this pic.
byu/RedLight1981 inblackcats

13. This is impossibly cute

Today my cat brought two newborn baby bunnies into our home. She didn’t ever hurt them, just placed them carefully in a corner. After calling a wildlife center we learned their mother would still accept them back if we found the nest by tonight. After a lot of searching we did and now they are home.
byu/swhaleycoyote inaww

12. Way more than 9 lives

[deleted by user]
by inaww

11. Eyes don’t get much bigger

he just wandered into our house about a year ago and looked at us with those sad eyes. hasn’t been back outdoors since.
byu/traaavos inaww

10. The original Pokemon

Pocket kitty
byu/commonvanilla inEyebleach

9. Looks like the cat is humoring the kid, still adorable

My sister and her family are going on a trip. Though they have a neighbor watching the cats, my niece was concerned that Watzke (their lap cat) would be lonely and missing and lap to sit on, so she made him a friend. To everyone’s surprise Watzke loves the lap of his new paper companion.
byu/Dunham1409 inaww

8. Do not disturb

Brought my senior cat on vacation with me. This is how the maids left her after they finished cleaning my hotel room.
byu/Panda_Cookie inaww

7. The charm is strong

baby puss in boots
byu/bbygirls69 inaww

6. I trust you with my heart

Last week I adopted a very shy rescue cat to help heal my heart following the death of my two elderly cats. He just showed me his belly for the first time.
byu/Kirkeee incats

5. Tell her I would die for her

My new kitten, Lilith.
byu/LeparMessiah inaww

4. This is cruelty…for me. I need to pet.

This cat was on a fruit market today ( the sign says “don’t disturb the kitten, she’s not here to amuse the customers, she’s the boss)
byu/ivanelsucio inaww

3. Totally RUINING his ninja career

I have met this black cat with pink nose today.
byu/agni_ka inmildlyinteresting

2. Please insert ink cat-ridge

[deleted by user]
by inaww

1. I am chaos. Fear me.

I’m a passenger (who escaped the pet carrier).
byu/parkstrasse inaww

Honestly, I think my blood pressure is down already. Cats are what is right with the world.

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There can never be too many.