People handle grief differently. That’s a fact. Another fact? You never understand what it’s like to lose someone you love, before you’re expecting to, to a totally unexpected and random act…until you do.

So if your best friend is struggling with the death of his wife via car accident, you probably don’t want to tell him to get over it once his grief becomes annoying or uncomfortable for you.

That’s exactly what the original poster (OP) did when his best friend knocked on his door at 1am and asked if he and his 3yo could stay there because he couldn’t sleep in his own house.

AITA for not allowing my best friend to crash at my house after his wife died? from AmItheAsshole

I know.

Apparently the friend “hadn’t been taking it well” and OP hoped it would “snap him out of it.”

This guy is definitely the A**hole, and everyone on the subreddit Am I the A**hole agrees with me.

How could you not?

Seriously, even OP has amended his question to say he sees how it came off uncaring and said he was going to apologize to his friend.

I truly hope he never finds out how cruel treatment from a friend feels in his moment of desperate need.