The odd but undeniable appeal of Marvel’s antihero Deadpool is not up for discussion…that said, finding him lounging in your hotel room would like cause some degree of (well-founded) panic.

I mean, unless you’re Wolverine, because then you’re 100% sure you’ll be able to hold your own.

Now, this is not the first time Ryan Reynolds has trolled his celebrity pals.

In fact, his wife is one of his favorite targets is his wife…

Who hands it right back. Long live their marriage!

In this shot, though Jackman is trying to record some kind of birthday message when we see Reynolds, dressed as Deadpool, lounging on the bed.

Caption: “When you’re trying to record a heartfelt birthday message…but are interrupted by the least greatest showman.”

We’re not sure what precipitated these hilarious events (though there are some theories), but whatever it was, we’re going to need more of it.

So keep those costumes handy, guys! You might need them one day!

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