Maybe because some people enjoy all things weddings – from television shows, to websites, to magazines – it can seem like everyone knows how much it costs to put on one.

The truth is, unless you’ve paid for one yourself (or are into the whole scene), how much things costs probably does come as quite a shock.

That’s the underlying issue (maybe) with this couple, who are planning their wedding together (and paying for it themselves).

OP (the husband-to-be) says that his fiancee is currently out of work but they’re not strapped financially, but without knowing how long they might be depending on his income alone, they’re being extra careful with money.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Then he does on to say that she came to him to ask permission (?) to buy a wedding dress for $350. He thought this was a crazy amount to spend on a wedding dress, asked if he could spend the same amount on something “fun” for him, and basically made her cry.

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He’s obviously the a**hole, y’all, but he did at least make a few edits to his post showing that he’s learning.

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Several people did point out that OP sounds like he might have a bit of a control issue.

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Others went further, calling it out as financial abuse.

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Also, if $350 seemed like something to fight over, perhaps they have different definitions of “not worrying about money.”

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We also want to see OP use this as a moment when he realizes he probably needs to educate himself on other things, too!

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Here’s hoping these two crazy kids work it out.

And also that this lady finds a job, because I’m going to be the cynic and bet she’s going to be very happy one day to have her own money.

Just sayin’.