Memes are fun and spot-on and basically crafted to make you giggle. So if you’re feeling sluggish or down, or just not ready to face what’s coming, there couldn’t be a better place to start looking for inspiration.

Welcome my dudes! It’s time to take a mental health break and laugh your butts off.

These 14 memes are a great place to start, because they’ve got it all, packed into one single frame!

Let’s go go go!

14. Ain’t nobody gettin’ paid for that.

You can do it on your phone anyway…

13. It’s a fail we’re used to, but not one we like.

“I did it again,” says everyone ever.

12. She’s probably wearing that skirt, too.

Her name isn’t Karen. Her name is Karen’t.

11. Pioneers always sound crazy at first.

Get this man a Noble Peace Prize!

10. Everything is a negotiation.

Yeah, pretty much. Four if I’m lucky.

9. It’s startling, really.

7.5 hours or 75 years? Can’t tell.

8. So many great people have paved the way before us.

I actually threw tickets at somebody one time. That didn’t go well.

7. The law is the law.

And you MUST obey the law.

6. Why can’t people wear these vests?

I think I just found a billion dollar idea!

5. Say something, honey!

And it better be nice!

4. We’re inching closer every day.

I’m taking issues with their customer service.

3. Seconded and passed.

Ahhh, those were the days.

2. Who defines the “perfect moment,” though?

I will say… this is definitely some lady talk.

1. Because if they’re not, you know it’s over.

No more friends! We’re done!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting up a bit straighter already!

What’s your favorite meme? Favorite application? Share it with us in the comments!