In need of a break? Because you’ve been working hard? Or maybe because you’ve been working very hard finding new and innovative ways to not work hard? We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to provide you with a little respite in the form of some good old fashioned memes.

Sit back and take a breather with these fifteen random memes. We won’t tell anybody.

15. Get broken

It’s tough to chill this hard.

14. Filler flavor

The world wasn’t ready for tastes this extreme.

13. The hour approaches

Why go out when you can pout?

12. The pursuit of apathy

Can’t get disappointed if you have no expectations.

11. A running joke

I need to unsee this immediately, please.

10. A companion to the end

Now might be a good time to take flight.

9. A little prick

Ain’t no laws when you’re injecting claws.

8. The emergence

Then it’s quickly back into my hidey hole.

7. Haunt and seek

If I can’t see you, you can’t possess me.

6. Music to my ears

Add tacos and you’re gonna be a billionaire in no time.

5. Biting wit

Man’s best friend is also his biggest foe.

4. Leaf me alone

I’m a lean, mean, hurting machine.

3. Nervous wreck

This should be a felony.

2. Quiet riot

Also because it’s been extinct for 65 million years, I guess.

1. Careful what you wish for

At that point just roll over and try again tomorrow.

By now you’re probably feeling rested and rejuvenated, and ready to get back to the other ways in which you were wasting your time. You’re welcome.

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