Taylor Swift recently granted Ellen Degeneres a rare interview and I understand why. Because they discussed washing washes her legs in the shower, and nothing makes sense anymore…

Ummmm…. but is it, though?

IS IT?!?!?!?!

Ellen decided to humor Swift for a bit, but then she took to Twitter asking about WASHING YOUR LEGS.

10% of you DO NOT and 15% SOMETIMES wash your legs?

Who DOES NOT wash their legs?!

Most are completely confused why we’re even having this conversation…



Money f*ckS PEOPLE UP!


No no no no no no…

With a capital NAS!

It’s literally half of you!

And who is saying no?! Who are you all?!

The top can sometimes be bigger than the bottom!

Seriously… do the rich not bathe?!

Go home Taylor. You’re not drunk, you just have too much power and money. Or something.

Oh yes, here’s the clip of Taylor talking with Ellen. Because proof.

Okay, I’m done with the internet today. Gotta go.