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It’s kind of a common thing among true crimes fans to wonder aloud, “How did things get like this?”

I mean, there’s nothing inherently wrong with us. But we do have to question our motives when all we want to do is watch horrible, awful shit happen to other people during ANY media we consume. Television, books, podcasts… it doesn’t matter. It’s only entertaining if somebody is getting murdered.

So yeah, that’s fun! Enjoy these tweets, especially if you’re as obsessed with true crime as we are!

Chrissy knows what’s up…

The struggle is real… and it’s right behind that door!!!

“I am the best friend you’ll ever have!”

You god damned dummies!

The story of my life…

Just lets the soap drip down into my eyes…

Literally the title of this post! Why?!?!

Those weird girls tho…

Poop McScoop, Detective

Rhyme time!

Wait! What’s behind you!