I’ve lived in Texas. So, even though I’ve never been to L.A., I can say with some certainty that the two spots couldn’t be more different…mostly because Texas is pretty much unlike anyplace else in the country.

How do I mean that? Positive? Not so much.

I’ll let you decide.

But these 15 pictures leave no doubt that you’d be pretty crazy to mix the two up.

15. Yes, that’s a bear in Pasadena. Take that, Texas.

North East Pasadena
byu/cliffsis inLosAngeles

14. California has In N Out Burger, and they have a cult-like following.

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13. But Texas has Whataburger, and you’d be hard-pressed to find better hangover food anywhere in the world.

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12. She thought a tattoo showcasing her love for Cali was a good idea…but she was wrong.

Because we’re actually proud of being part of the greatest Country/State in the world Texas
byu/MarzMartianz intexas

11. No one in Texas would have that thought, ever.

Finally started my Texas sleeve. Loving it so far. Done by Burke Long at Independence Tattoo in Norfolk.
byu/justjoshinya89 intattoos

10. Yeah, I’ll just find somewhere else to tie up my horse.

Welcome to Culver City.
byu/coastal_neon inLosAngeles

9. They should really make wider spaces for those pickups since everyone has one in Texas.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. Never in Texas (okay, MAYBE in Austin).

True true
byu/EveFluff inLosAngeles

7. In L.A., no one is going 60 because there are too many cars on the freeway.

6. Autumn in L.A.

[deleted by user]
by inLosAngeles

5. In L.A., you drink your breakfast (but not in a fun way).

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4. In Texas, you get to enjoy your food (but you might need new pants).

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3. They’re all about the ‘gram.

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2. But in TX, the festivals are all about the band.

Pep rally at UT in Austin. Texas sized Texas flag
byu/Below_the_Beltway intexas

1. No one in CA is putting a state-shaped pool in their backyard.

The Backyard Is Now Complete
byu/chokingontheback intexas

I guess it’s time for me to visit L.A.! How about you?

What are your fave hotspots in LA or Texas? Let us know in the comments!