Writing is hard. Case in point, I’m trying to do it right now, and I just know that any second I’m gonna make a terrible simile; like a frosted banana waiting to go bad in the still-packed carry-on bag of life.

See? I did it again.

And when it comes to writing PEOPLE? Those lunatics? With all their irrational behavior and complex inner-workings? Impossible. Women in particular? Don’t get me started. Really, don’t, because I’m bad at it, as are all the men trying to write women getting roasted in these posts.

14. Select your player

I’m not sure what bountiful but unimaginative means but I’m intrigued.

13. A limited time only

I legit used to think that was a joke menu item.

12. The tables have turned

No thank you please.


11. The progression of life

“Everyone has a book inside them, for most that’s where it should stay.”

10. Jazz cafe

Come on, feel the music.


9. Through the years

It’s an interesting point.


8. Stop being terrible

It’s not a whole heck of a lot to ask.


7. The apocalypse is here

Hi i’m a man in a post apocalyptic society, my beard is perfectly groomed and I have one large but undamaging scar on my upper left peck.


6. But this was so different

What exactly is your angle here, bub?


5. Oh, brother

“Come on, let’s get going. We need to hit the camp before nightfall.”

Do you have any idea how many brothers she grew up with?
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4. Starter pack

You’ll be on your way to writing in no time!

Starter pack female protagonist
byu/dontyell_atme inmenwritingwomen

3. A hard personality

This is an uninteresting character, male or female.

I feel like this fits
byu/Nombah inmenwritingwomen

2. Cookin’

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

men writing fried chicken recipes
byu/air_pump inmenwritingwomen

1. More cooking stuff

Are y’all hungry or h**ny?

i like to go on literotica and look for the funniest porn i can find. this passage made me think of all of you. i hope you’re flattered
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Time to close this book for now.

What’s the worst writing you’ve ever come across?

Tell us in the comments.