Well, even though this is meant to be satire, I think a lot of moms and dads out there would probably be on board with this concept.

Parenting can be…challenging, right?

And sometimes you reach the end of your rope and you do almost anything to try to get the little ones to behave and calm down.

Photo Credit: NBC

Well,  the folks at Saturday Night Live came up with a brilliant little music video that speaks the truth about what a lot of parents are actually thinking about right now. You’re locked down at the home, the kids are going crazy, so…why not just let them DRINK?!?!

Photo Credit: NBC

Here’s just a sample of the hilarious lyrics belted out by the SNL cast members: “Parents could use some help these days. Kids could use some, too. So, given the special circumstance, we’d like to introduce a special rule. Just like Mom and Dad. If they got a little buzz on, would it really be so bad?”

My favorite line of the song has to be, “They used to give kids whiskey to help them fall asleep. So a teeny, tiny White Claw is just a babysitter on the cheap!”

And hey, the kids seem to love it! At least, by the looks of this video, they do…

Photo Credit: NBC

Here’s the entire video for you to enjoy.

Even if you don’t have kids, you have to admit that is pretty hilarious.

Okay, now we want to hear from all the parents out there!

In the comments, tell us what you think of this video…and if you think this sounds like a good idea!

We can’t wait to hear from all of you!