To my carnivore friends out there who love chicken wings: this article is right up your alley. You need this. I NEED THIS.

If you’re a chicken wing enthusiast, you know that there is an art to eating the meat off the bone. Some people become experts at this, kind of de-shelling and eating sunflower seeds.

One Twitter user took it upon himself to come up with a classification system for how much meat you can actually manage to eat off the bones of chicken wings.

The scale runs from 1 to 5.

A 1 looks like only a couple of nibbles were taken off the bone and a 5 looks like a wild animal attacked the wing and devoured it like it was their last meal.

Here, check it out…

The tweet blew up and all kinds of people weighed in with what they believe are their ratings on this newly-created (and critically important) scale.

For instance… this guy says that you couldn’t have left your wing in any sort of shoddy 1 or 2 condition…

And this guy think he’s a 6?

Come on bruh, you don’t do that to EVERY wing.

Somebody else classifies the classification system… and I’m here for it!

For the record, I’m a 4.99 on that scale.

What’s your favorite chicken wing place on the planet? I have to go with The Peanut in Kansas City. Out of this world! And I will add that The Moosehead in Charlotte, North Carolina is pretty damn exceptional, as well.

Tell us your favorites in the comments!