As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough, Stephanie Meyer decided to surprise all of us with the first new installment of the Twilight series in over a decade.

Midnight Sun was released in August, and while – after all this time – it probably won’t reach the astronomical success of the originals, it has sold quite well, and been decently received, sitting at about a 4/5 on GoodReads.

Image Credit: The Denver Channel

Technically, it’s not really a next chapter in the saga, but a Rogue One-esque insert (a sort of book #1.5 chronologically), telling the story of Twilight from the perspective of Edward.

As you can imagine, it’s been more than enough for the fandom to rub the sleep out of their eyes and dig into some hot takes, and there’s no place for fandom like Tumblr.

Here are thirteen of the latest Tumblr thoughts on the series we love to hate to love.

13. Mixed signals

This is always gonna be more than a little creepy.

12. Renaissance

This has a power I can’t quite describe.

11. The story goes on

Breaking down Breaking Dawn.

10. Very cool

Yeah, obvs, vampire boy.


I thought this was a kids’ book?

8. Well this sucks

Come on, get your crap together.

7. Soundtrack to my life

From the days when a large CD collection was impressive.

6. Looking on

And now we wait…

5. Creepy doll

When your kitchen needs an extra dash of nope.

4. Rowling on

Hate is a strong word but…distance, yeah.

3. Just a comfort

Wrap me in my trash and leave me be.

2. Time’s change

We long for the days when this is what we were fighting about.

1. On fire

You think Nye is Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Good on you for giving us a distraction this year, Meyer. We really needed it.

Have you read Midnight Sun? What did you think of it?

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